Take a step back

It’s amazing how when you are with someone and so connected that when given a moment to think, you are able to react in a good way to your partner without realizing you just know what’s wrong.

I had been quite emotional for about a week. I had tried to explain what was wrong as best I could. But of course, it’s not enough when Daddy feels he should be able to fix things or any problems I might have.

So, we were cooking dinner together. I was cutting up the vegetables and all needed as he began to cook. All at once he started fussing at me about the clutter and why couldn’t I clean things up better, etc.

I walked away for a few moments and stepped outside so I wouldn’t say anything I or he would regret. I pondered on why he would do this all of a sudden knowing I have done my best to keep things up and even through my emotional crap. I took a deep breath, walked back inside.

I leaned on the counter wiping away my tears and looked at him. He said he didn’t want to get in a fuss with me, and I quietly said to him, “I know you feel helpless when I am emotional and out of sorts and can’t fix things. But you lashing out at me for it definitely doesn’t help.” ( Or something to that point)

I saw him stop and realize I hit the nail on the head with that and he immediately apologized and said I was right and he shouldn’t take it out on the one person he was trying to make things better for.

I know I probably didn’t describe it exactly right, but I just wanted to make the point that if we stop, take a step back, breathe and focus, it’s like the reason or fact shows itself sometimes without us even realizing it.

When you love someone, it’s so hard to say what you feel and we act/react without thinking. Take a moment to breathe, focus and calmly work it out.


*Pic found on Pinterest by Henry Asencio

3 thoughts on “Take a step back

  1. Perfect reminder, I’m very much a react first person, being a bit spirited and all, but I recognise my submission has helped me slow down and think first, most of the time anyway! Beautiful image too x

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