Once again…

Once again, my mind is going non-stop…over-thinking, over-analyzing, emotional…

The more I learn about myself the more I feel there is more to learn. Why would a person need to understand herself? Would she not know already? What is the deal?!?

I know I am definitely learning how to deal with things better; even with my mind running as it does. I catch myself more and more learning and acting on my boundaries and not getting overwhelmed by things, people and situations.

And I know I am blessed to be sensitive to others and their feelings, but damn it’s so overwhelming and frustrating sometimes!!

Anyway, just had to get those thoughts out of my system,

Thanks for letting me share❣️?

*Painting by Loui Jover

8 thoughts on “Once again…

  1. Kat, loved this. I think we all learn something about ourselves as time goes on. Largely because we evolve into something new, or decide to finally acknowledge something within that we haven’t before. It is a part of life and growth. Despite how comfortable I am in my own skin, I still learn something new all the time.

  2. I have learned so much about myself the last year or so as I’ve been in my D/s relationship. And I agree…seems like there is always so much more to learn! My Dom notices every thing about me. He sees things about me before I see them myself…I love that about him so much. He makes me want to know every thing about myself so that I can share it with him. I finally feel like I am so happy and that has allowed me to learn so much about myself. My relationship has shown me what happiness really is and I never want to lose that.

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