Have you found it?

It’s amazing the things you learn from research, reading other fellow bloggers’ posts and experience regarding the BDSM – D/s world! I have learned so very much in the last few years than I ever thought I would. And things I never even thought to know 20 to 30 years ago.

Constantly searching for something, knowing there was more and knowing you are craving it will drive you crazy. And when you finally find it and have that “ah-ha” moment, is incredible!

When I first realized there was more to love, sex, a connection and just overall lifestyle out there, it blew me away. Because I had been searching for something and not knowing what it was until it pretty much hit me and knocked me off my feet!

I have always been so sensitive to others; feeling their feelings, knowing if they were happy/sad/angry, trying to help if I could; then to meet one or two people you immediately connect with and share the same outlook and need in life…it’s absolutely amazing!

I don’t know if you have had this happen or been searching like I was, but I would love to know and share experiences if possible.


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7 thoughts on “Have you found it?

  1. Oh gosh… you’ll have to read my post I’ve scheduled for tomorrow. We couldn’t have had more similar thoughts today. In fact, the title of it is Cravings… Lol. 😉 Great post!

  2. When I was 18 I was introduced to the world of slavery (not the real thing btw) It was a very strict code I lived by and I was groomed for it. My Master died and I was left with all this life and world I had no inkling how to live. I grieved for him I really did but I had a child to bring up and I was certain I did not want her being around me if I was back in a Master/Slave relationship but it was quite honestly all I knew. Fast forward a few years I found myself being lonely. Sooooo I went looking in chatroom but my expectations were very low.

    The very first man I spoke to was S. He was married at the time and was sort of looking for a third for him and his wife. I thought he wanted to have cyber sex but he said no. He wanted to talk to his wife first. I was blown away as not many men would do that and I felt it was amazing.

    Quite soon after his wife died suddenly. it was a bad time for us.

    Now fast forward to last years. All the things I thought I wanted were like a rock in my chest. S. did something that blew me away. He set me free.

    I struggled with that. He still loved me and we still played but I was without the label of slave. I wasn’t even his submissive. Any way it lasted about 3 months then that Ah Ha moment. Sorry it has taken so long to get to the point.

    What S. did was to set me free to realize if I said no he wouldn’t get angry. He would not leave me. I learned I didn’t have to endure things, I was to do them because I enjoy them. I was to be independent not reliant on him for everything. I was free to make my own choices. That was worth every moment to arrive at this point.

  3. In my life, I have found that – when I needed it the most, I’d inadvertently stumble across people who became friends, then confidants. Kindred spirits in a way.

    I had a really good friend, who I’ve since fallen out of contact with unfortunately, who had the same sex drive that scared her shitless, just as mine did. We bonded over that fear.

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