Peace and Happiness


Sitting here quietly thinking of things I like and things that bring me peace, I realize there are quite a few things and I will list them below.

*Quiet walks on the beach

*Quiet walks in the woods

*Sitting and listening to the ocean waves hit the shore

*Sitting and listening to the waves hit the shore line at the lake or hitting the side of the boat as you ride through the waves and feeling the wind hit your face.

*Listening to the birds sing

*Soft music as you close your eyes and just listen

*Sitting on the front porch and listening to children playing down the road

*The slow breathing as the one you love sleeps

*The sound of pure laughter

*Sitting quietly on the couch and reading a great book

*Listening to a steady rain shower

*Listening to the rumble of a thunder storm

*The smell of something you love cooking

*A smile on the face of the person you love

*The sound of his voice

I know there are so many more but these are a good beginning.

What brings you peace and happiness?


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5 thoughts on “Peace and Happiness

    1. Absolutely!! That’s actually one reason it came to mind. When I get in one of those funks where I need something to make me happy and give me good positive thoughts, it’s nice to have as a reminder❤️

  1. What brings me happiness?

    Fine wine
    Good prose
    Romantic poetry (Keats, Byron)
    A country walk
    Breathtaking scenery
    Most of all…? YOU❣️

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