Do you have one of those minds…?


Do you have one of those minds that you think of one thought and your mind takes off in all these angles of negative thinking and anxious thinking and unreal thinking making you stressed, anxious, scared, nervous, upset…Oh I could just go on and on!!

That is mine on a daily basis.  I am trying to learn to find ways of staying away from these negative thoughts and feelings by thinking of other things, learning to breathe, getting on the computer and finding things to keep me occupied, writing down my thoughts, listening to music, talking to someone… Just anything to get myself away from such thoughts and feelings.  Cause once you start on that roller coaster it’s hard to get off.  Mine is normally about other people.  Loved ones and their thoughts, perceptions, feelings, etc…about me, what I say, what I do, just any ole thing that I worry about.

I over-think, over-analyze, over-process, over-everything!! It’s mainly all right there in my head. Not the truth. Most the time the furthest from the truth. Yet there I am thinking and feeling it, so it must be real, it must be the truth, right?? No not right!

So why do I do these things to myself? Why do I have such a hard time about self-worth and being okay in me? I never pictured myself as this person.  I never realized until I began trying to understand me that I am so much more complicated than I ever knew.

How about you?


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8 thoughts on “Do you have one of those minds…?

  1. I totally get this and I understand, and I’m sorry you do too as I know how exhausting it is to second guess yourself and over analyse once caught up in a spiral. Often I think it’s a self protective thing to try and make sense of hyper vigilance. If you want to chat further please feel free to drop me an email x

  2. An amazing post hun and I bet you find a great number of your followers will say, yup I know what you are going through because it is more common than you think. Sometimes it is impossible to even break that impulse for the shortest time. ~hugs~

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