Yes, Sir, I am ready…

As he begins to pepper my cheeks with his hand as a warm up, I feel all toasty and warm, letting out a mewl with his attention to making me all pink and rosy.  He stops a moment and rubs both cheeks taking in the work he has done so far.  He then changes over to the brush paddle.

“Brush paddle now Kitten. Ready?”

“Yes, Sir, I am ready.”

“Good girl, Kitten.”

He then proceeds to work the paddle over both cheeks and upper thighs, starting light and working up to a harder contact.  Certain spots are feeling more sensitive and I begin to take a sharp breath in each time these spots are reached.

He pauses once again and touching each cheek he comments on how lovely the color is.  He picks up the leather paddle and once again lets me know we are beginning and he continues.

The contact is even more intense and at times I squeal at the sharp pain that hits certain areas.  Knowing this is not as hard as it can be, I take in the feelings and focus on the sensations and my body’s reactions.  Then once again he pauses and asks me if I am okay.

“Yes Sir,” I say.

He reaches between my legs and touches my girlie parts saying, “Hmmm…seems like my babygirl is enjoying this a bit.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.”

“Okay, Kitten, I am going to have you count these next ones. There will be 20. After each I want you to say, ‘Thank you Daddy, may I have another?’ Understand babygirl?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand.”

“Good girl.”

He picks up the larger leather paddle and begins.  As he continues, each spanking gets harder and he is covering all over my cheeks and upper thighs, especially the sweet spots.  By the time we are at 16 I am squealing and moaning before saying my “Thank you Daddy, may I have another.”  I am almost breathless from the intensity and overwhelmingly horny and needing a release.

He stops as we reach 20 and says, “Good girl, Kitten. You took that very well.”

Breathlessly I say, “Thank you, Daddy.”

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