Reading blogs from others is fascinating to me.  It amazes me how open to sharing so many are.  I myself, being one of them, with a bit of me at guard doing so.  Yet I still do.  It makes me think, do others think we are real or fake by us sharing so freely? Do they realize they are looking into a person and their soul by the sharing that is done?  Some even may use their real names in the sharing, while others will never do so.  

I know a lot of people share these moments, happenings and thoughts to deal with their life in the best way they know how to.  Like writing in a live diary where the whole world can see, read and share.  Many deal with anxiety, depression, feeling of loss, stress, fears and even feelings of happiness and joy.  Just everything in their mind that they want to share and get out of their head.  

Knowing there are others out there going through the same things or similar things helps others, I believe.  I see it in the responses and discussions on different blogs.  It shows we are not alone in what we go through and there is always someone out there going through something very much the same. 

I feel very blessed to be a part of it, if not but a tiny part.  


10 thoughts on “Sharing…

  1. I love reading other blogs because there are so many different views. I try to write about things under the umbrella of BDSM. I often put in things that are pretty personal, however, I guard my real name carefully. I do occasionally post a picture of me but in a way that my face is not shown. I am not ashamed of how I am but I could not deal with the backlash if my family were to know. It is a constant battle. If I make a friend on here I don’t mind them knowing my first name and the state I live in. Once I get to know people I am open to meeting. So really I think I am the same as most people with their blogs. I think the choices are as different as the people.who write the blogs. I know I love reading your blog <3

    1. Oh yes! Totally understand not wanting to deal with the backlash. I certainly don’t want to. There are so many that don’t or won’t understand. I agree completely.
      Thank you! I love reading your blog also? (as you can tell by all the likes?)

  2. That’s why I like the blog…we can be who we are and not have to worry about being judged. We can support each other and give advice to each other. We can do all that without worrying about anyone overhearing is and judging us. Sometimes it is an interesting feeling to be so happy and not be able to share with your family/friends why you are so happy.

  3. It is a wonderful feeling to take a peek at someone’s life without intruding. The privilege know their thoughts or simply what they are going through. ?

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