Move forward time


I have been a bit quiet recently.  I have had many negative and judgmental comments and people to deal with that makes my creative mind shut down and take a break.

What is it about a person changing that makes people freak out? Especially when I consider it to be a very good change in me.  Why can’t others see this and just be happy.  No sly comments, no judgmental looks and statements made, no personal questions about me and my life, that are no ones business but my own.

I understand that people care about me.  They are concerned that I am making a mistake or wrong decisions. Or that, Heaven forbid, I am going to the devil himself! NOT! All because I am realizing the true me.  The me that has been tucked away and hidden for years. The me that is bursting to come out and live.

I just want to be happy. To live a good life. To love and be loved the way I always thought I would be.  To make a difference.  To be and do what I love most.  Does that really have to be so hard to reach? Especially without others questioning?

I am ready for a new way of life.  The new me and way of doing things.  The me that has been here but squashed by beliefs of others and ones that I misunderstood.  I am ready to push barriers and limits.  To find what I am truly here for.


4 thoughts on “Move forward time

  1. Change does upset people and they panic and start offering advice that is to be used against these changes and often they is to try to alter your goal. I think it is a choice of two reason 1) They basically don’t want you to change because they are uncertain how it will affect you and 2) They are afraid their relationship with you will change.

    Just keep going regardless, saying ‘this is what makes me happy.’ and add, you do want me to be happy don’t you? Good luck hun and keep going.

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