Thank you!


You know, I have the best support I could ever ask for in my Daddy. As well as those that love and understand me.  

It is amazing to find out and know I have the support in many areas of my life that I never expected.  Some family that I didn’t expect support from, some unexpected friends’ support, and those I do not know even yet.  

To know this spurs me on to feel the words that flow from me into my blogs and posts.  It leads me to share all that I have up to now and continues on.  

I know I am just starting this blog and am getting to know how it works,  but am learning so much…of myself and how to just let it all come out.  To try not to hold back, because there are so many out there that feel the same and want to know there is someone there going through the same things, feelings, emotions and life challenges that I am.  It is amazingly liberating to know.  

So, thank you to those that support what I share and those that share daily on here as well.  


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