I’m scared.

Scared I will do the wrong thing. 

Scared I will not be what Daddy needs.

Scared I am not the person I think I am.

Scared I will not be strong enough.

Scared I am weaker than I think I am.

Scared others will think I am not true. 

Scared I do not make myself heard the way I need. 

Scared my voice is not being heard.

Scared others do not understand me.

Scared my anxiety and problems will overtake me.

Scared….just scared.

2 thoughts on “Scared

  1. I find I write this type of poetry I am feeling the same thing. I understand fear and how it can eat away at you. Look at your Daddy and know he loves you completely. He picked you so trust him. We all make mistakes but as long as we know we made the mistake and talk it through with him you will be fine. Let go of fear and embrace love. <3

    1. Thank you! It is hard sometimes to believe what you know is true…that Daddy is there, supporting, loving and pushing me through all the hard times. Mainly feeling that I am scared I am bringing him down even though knowing he is always lifting me up and no matter what our love gets us through everything. <3

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