Babygirl’s surprise

IMG_2003We stepped out of the car, my long cape covering my corset, stockings and garters as my heels connected with the pavement.  Daddy puts his hand on my back and just that touch reassures me all is okay as long as he is by my side.  My body is on high alert, not knowing what to expect but trusting Daddy watches out for my safety and protection, I am steady.

Walking into the building we are guided directly to the elevator and taken up to the penthouse level. As the doors are opened and we are led inside, we are greeted with an immediate sensual atmosphere. He guides me to a door down the hall and before we step inside he tells me he will be placing a blindfold on me.  I stay still as he places the blindfold securely over my eyes and then leads me into the room.  My cape is taken from around my shoulders, showing my open corset, long gloves, stockings, garters and heels.  My hair is in a lovely braid down my back and my collar is securely around my neck.  

“Kneel” Daddy says.  I do so, with his support, onto a chaise lounge.  

“Hold out your hands in front, Kitten.” As I do, he places cuffs around my wrists and secures them together on what I am guessing is a hook right above where I kneel.

“Good girl.” He says, and my pussy clinches with his words.

Once I am bound this way, my ass is up a bit, as if I am on all fours but just the knees are down.  

“I am so glad I insisted you go nude tonight. Easy access to that fine cunt of mine,” he states and paces what sounds like back and forth behind me.  

I am dripping with anticipation of what he might do next.  

I find out quickly with peppering over my ass with a paddle.  Quick light taps all over my cheeks and upper thighs.

As he is doing this I hear movement to my right, as though someone else is in the room with me.  I tilt my head to listen.

“Yes, babygirl, we are not alone.  As I told you on the way here, I have a special evening planned for you my dear.  A fantasy you have talked about several times.  I am going to bring it into reality for you.”

I take in a deep breath and slowly exhale trying to calm my racing heart.  Knowing now what Daddy has in store for me, I am gushing with anticipation and excitement. 


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