In My Room. A NSFW Short Story


In my room I feel secure in who I am and what I do.  I can close my door, touch, feel, explore and get to know me more.  Be naked and confident in my own skin. 

Starting with the feel of my lips, the smooth plump feel and the way they feel when my tongue makes them moist when I lick them.  Moving down to my ears and neck; sliding over my breasts, each tit taught with arousal. When I pinch each one a tingling goes down my body and warms my cunt.  Fondling each one feels so good and possessive.  I then move down over my belly button and tummy to the top of my mound, feeling the puffiness down to the clit area.  I feel the lips of my pussy and the sensation it brings of wanting more.  I slide a finger in to feel the moistness coming from just my touching.  I give a little hum of pleasure.

Normally I get off easily with my toys working my clit, but today I just want to feel and take in my response from my body.  

I put two fingers in and touch that special spot inside.  I slide my fingers in and out slowly at first and then faster over the next few minutes.  I do this and feel my climax building faster than I expected I would.  I start bucking and get lost in the sensations and feelings.  I cum, making a puddle on my sheets, surprising myself, not realizing I would squirt so much.

I grab my towel I had beside me and place it there while I just rub myself, relishing in the moment before getting up and continuing on with my evening.

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