Me and Random thoughts

The things that run through my mind on a regular basis, others would be so utterly confused within minutes.

From what to wear; to what I need to remember to do later on; to I need to make a list, to I need to text this person; back to what to wear; to what time is it; to I can’t deal with this…and on and on my mind goes!

Others think of me as stuck up because I don’t talk much, but in all reality I am just constantly looking, listening and thinking. And once you know me I can talk about anything. It’s just getting to know a person and being comfortable with them that draws me out.

I am at this time very lost and trying so hard to find the me I need to be and be happy with. I think one minute I know, the next I am lost again, and its a never ending cycle.

I am trying so hard to find the me I want to be and not really doing it.

I have actually found a me I am happy with yet it makes others unhappy. That’s not how its supposed to be, right?

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